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How The Unlimited Trial Works: Your $30 for 14-day trial will get you access to unlimited classes at Altitude Fitness. If you do not wish to continue with AFA beyond the trial period, simply let us know via email to admin at least 3 days before the end of your trial to prevent any further charges. After 14 days, unless you've told us otherwise, we'll automatically add you to our AFA membership. Just $65 per week for unlimited studio sessions. There are no contracts, and you may cancel at any time (all we ask is 30 days written notice for cancelation).

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Don't Just Take It From Us...
10 years ago I was apprehensive about attending my first mobility and core class. No way could I touch my toes or even consider myself flexible. I had my arm twisted by one of the trainers at AFA to go and I have not looked back. 

I have slashed over 2 minutes of my running time for 5 km since starting to improve my flexibility. 

It does not matter what level you are, from a complete beginner to someone who attends regularly. There are options and levels for every exercise.

If you are thinking about going but feel intimidated, suck it up and have a go. Take it from me, it's worth doing.

Nick Sewell

My first words to my trainer:
“I don’t know how long I will last”. 

* I had never been to a gym.
* Hadn’t exercised in years.
* I had no energy.
* Sleep a few hours every day.
* I rode an electric bike &
* I definitely wasn’t a swimmer.

In the 7 years I have been at AFA I have done more than I ever dreamed possible. I have competed in Triathlons, Half Ironman competitions, cycled 1500 kms, trained consistently and lost 3 dress sizes!

 AFA provided the community, support and structure to make all of this achievable.

Gemma Johnson

Before I started I was a full time working mum who hadn’t done any exercise for years! I was so nervous about the thought of walking into a gym. I didn’t feel like I belonged there. I suffer from anxiety and I greatly Iacked confidence.

Since joining AFA :
*My anxiety is improving.
* I am more energetic.
* I’ve found muscles I didn’t know existed and strength I didn’t know I had! 
*Hit 0- 20 push ups on toes in 8 weeks.
*Hit 0- 2kms swimming in 10 weeks.
* And now completed a Half Ironman.

If you are thinking about starting all I can say is to DO IT!!!! The trainers at AFA are the most incredible people. They see something in you that you don’t see and are amazing at drawing that out. Everyone who attends AFA is so encouraging and inspiring. 

Kate Bender