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  • Program: Our programs are delivered immediately.
  • Creation: We have collaborated with world class experts, including physiotherapists, Australian Strength & Conditioning coaches, dieticians and more.
  • BONUS: Yoga, Pilates & Cross Training Sessions.

Access to 24/7 Run-Hub

  • Everything you need to know: From what gear you need to start, to prepping for race day.
  • Mindset: It's not just the distance you need to conquer in running it's the mindset.
  • BONUS: Nutrition: Training and recovery nutrition.


  • 100% Money back guaranteed: If the plan doesn't work for you, get in touch and access out 100% money back guarantee.
  • Our coaches can check in: Do you want extra accountability? We offer options for fortnightly accountability calls with our coaches.
  • BONUS: A community behind you: you no longer need to go it alone. We have hundreds of like-minded runners just like you. 

Let me ask you this

How much would you love a simple step by step guide to each training session. The basic formula to get you results you want plus all the resources you could possible need to turn you into someone that "runs every week"... just because they can!

Beginner 5km

This program starts at the very beginning. If you haven't ever run or have had a long break. This is for you. We walk you through each session and slowly increase the running each week to get you your 5km dream!

10 week plan starts with a 30 second jog.

Beginner 10km

Are you thinking you want to aim for that 10km mark? Once you can run 5kms you can definitely run 10. And the good news is you can do it soon. 

12 week plan starts at 2 kms.

Beginner 21km

I always say, if you think you can do it now then you have waited too long to start. 21kms often feels like an enormous goal for many but this is why it is so rewarding. With the right training plan and support anyone can cross that finish line. 

12 week plan starts at 5kms.

Speed 5km

You've nailed the 5km run and now you want to focus on your speed? We have you covered! These sessions have been designed by the best to ensure you cut seconds to minutes off your PB. The more effort you put into these speed sessions the faster you will get.
10 week plan starts at 3km

Speed 10km

This is one of the most fulfilling training plans. Running 10kms faster than you ever have before is a fantastic goal. This program is full of great speed sessions that will slice your average km time quickly. 

12 week plan starts at 5kms.

Don't just take our word for it...

Sam went from not running at all to completing her first half marathon in less than 4 months. 
"The program has changed my life, I have more energy, I am happier, I am the fittest I’ve ever been in my life and I believe I can do things I’d never dreamed of doing".


 Sam O'Brien
"Having a systematic approach to my training plan allowed me to work week to week taking away that sense of overwhelm. I liked knowing which runs took priority incase I had a bad week or could not get all my sessions in. Since my first plan with AFA I have completed 2 half marathons, loads of 5 km runs and smashed a PB on my 10 km event (minutes off the final time). And by having access to the pilates once a week I have noticed a tangible difference in my running endurance and strength."

Tilly Brauer
"I transferred to AFA when I stopped competing in track events (400 & 800m). I wanted to try endurance events and 1 year later I completed my first half ironman at 18 years of age. An event I would never have thought I could do without the training plan, coaches and community support at AFA.
I have since completed my PT and now work for AFA as I believe in the ethos of 'training the person not just the body'"

Grace Cassidy

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