Pro-Cycle Masterclass
Designed From The Ground Up To Bring New Riders Up To Speed, & Give Experienced Cyclists The Competitive Edge
World-class cycling expert Mark Bullen has teamed up with elite fitness trainers Ali Flynn, Hayden Freeman and Commonwealth gold medalist Gillian Backhouse to deliver this once in a lifetime masterclass.
Pro-Cycle 6-Week Masterclass

The scientific evolution of cycling has been unprecedented in the last few decades.  For beginners, this means getting started can seem more difficult and confusing.  For experienced riders, this has made getting the competitive edge exponentially harder.

That's why we created Pro-Cycle Masterclass. 

Weekly training sessions from trainers experienced on the world stage.  An online catalogue of resources in the areas of strength, mobility, nutrition & event preparation... and so much more!
Pro-Cycle Masterclass:
Armidale & Online
Mondays 6:15pm-7:15pm
6-Week Masterclass Commences 
Monday June 21st 
Meet Your Presenters

Ali Flynn (Als)

Overcoming insurmountable personal odds, Ali is a testament to the power of mindset. Ali spent years training for elite events such as multiple Half Iron Man events and triathlons, and has built an entire businesses around her passion and expertise. For a Pro-Cycle Masterclass, there is no one more suited to deliver the wide ranging elements needed to develop successful athletes.

Mark Bullen

Since 1972 the Bullen family have been synonymous with cycling, not just in Armidale, but on the world stage. The family boasts 3 generations of cycling mechanics and riders, an Australian Cycling Team mechanic on the Olympic and Paralympic stage, and are the centrepiece of cycling in the New England Region. Mark is a true expert in the world of cycling.

Hayden Freeman

Hayden is a qualified Ironman coach and has been racing in triathlons since the age of 15. This  has led him to all parts of the state chasing his passion. He has been lucky enough to train to be in elite squads around the North West area and has represented NIAS at the Academy Games.

Gillian Backhouse

Gillian is an elite triathlete with 8 years experience competing for Australia on the world stage with highlights including a gold medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Hailing from the country town of Armidale NSW she had an unconventional pathway into elite sport driven by passion and perseverance. 

Pro-Cycle Is SO Much More Than A Cycle Class
Here's What You Get...
6-Week Training
In the saddle, working directly with Mark Bullen every Monday for 6-weeks
Value $297
Resource Library
Access to an online members library loaded with lessons & course videos
Value $150
Masterclass Workbook
Comprehensive Workbook ensures nothing gets missed from your training
Value $80
Strength Program
Strength & Mobility for cyclists program to enhance your gym & home workouts
Value $120
Nutrition Program
Nutrition plan whether you're  training for performance, weight loss or lifestyle
Value $120
On The Road Program
Cycling program to develop speed, endurance and a competitive advantage
Value $120
Total Value Over $800!  
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$197 Pro-Cycle Master Class
$22 for 6-week hire

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