"We train the person not just the body"

Our Premium Enduro Program works with you across all 7 Pillars of Wellbeing and Performance.

Mindfulness and Gratitude 

Armidale's Premier Fitness Studio

AFA is not just a gym. It's family.

We are a community who stand beside you on your good days and on your tough days. We know first hand how hard it is to train consistently throughout the year and we have the people and processes in place to hold you accountable every step of the way. 

You never have to feel like you are doing it alone again. 

The "Enduro Program" has been developed by a world class team of experts industry from Sports dietitian's, Physiotherapists, Strength and Mindset coaches to ensure you have all the support you need to smash your results out of the park.

Come see for yourself!!! 

What AFA is all about...
#1: Results  
Our goal is to train you up so you don't need us anymore! We want you to be able to train anywhere in the word and know what to do, when to do it and how to train for your individual body.
#2: Accountability
Sometimes someone else believing in you is the beginning of you believing in yourself.
#3: Community
Anyone can teach you to squat!!! AFA is about helping you train consistently- rain, hail or shine. We have trainers and a community that will hold you accountable every step of the way. 

Who is this program for?

  • Mums & Dads: who used to play team sports are looking for that similar sense of community and belonging.
  • First-timers: If you have never stepped foot in a gym or been to a class and are not really sure where to begin.
  • Anyone: Wanting to meet some new people and get functionally fit. 
  • T​riathletes: Looking to hit their three disciplines in a team environment.
  • Anyone who does not like the stero-typical gym!
In the first year we spend the time teaching you the foundational movements, building your consistency and base fitness so that by year two you can do anything you want to (and most of the time our clients are doing things they never dreamed possible- check out our client stories below to get an idea).

Who is it NOT for: If you want to pay a membership and not show up, then we are not the right gym for you. We pride ourselves on the fact that EVERY SINGLE member is coming to the gym when they say they are coming (unless they let us know beforehand). We have built a culture of accountably, commitment and A grade attitudes over the last decade. If you want this, but are not sure how to make it happen then book in a 15 minute chat with one of our mindset coaches and we can help give you some pointers and chat about if we are a match. Book HERE
Class Timetable

Our small group training sessions run from 6am-7pm most days of the week (excluding weekends). In your 2 week trial we encourage you to try as many different trainers and styles as possible. During this time we will work with you to workout who is the best fit as a trainer and what time would suit for your small group PT going forward. 
AFA Class Offerings
These are our most popular sessions without a doubt. You work with a trainer of your choice in a group of 2-4 people. Our small group PT sessions are designed to work on your individual goals and provide 100% accountably. This is where the magic happens!

This class is instructor’s choice and focuses on functional movement patterns. It targets the entire body through a range of cardio, core, strength, and bodyweight activities. The trainers provide levels for every exercise and can provide alternative options if you need.

A high intensity cardio workout that uses boxing drills and interval training in order to target the whole body. If you are a first timer, come along and the instructor will work with you and teach you all the techniques you need to come out firing and fit. 

The focus of this class is developing base strength and power. It focusses on the four big lifts in 8 week blocks. Watch your progression and results improve each session!

Classes are designed to work on speed, endurance and agility for our clients. All levels are catered for no matter your fitness level.

Lane 1 is for anyone who wants to work on breathing and may not be able to swim 25 metres. Lane 8 is where you might find our triathletes who average 2 kms per session. It is about choosing the lane that is right for you on the day and the instructor is at the end of the pool giving technique and guidance the whole session. If you are nervous about starting, just come along and talk to one of our coaches to find the right program for you!

Standing the test of time, Pilates classes focus on building core strength by incorporating precise movements that require control and technique. The aim to build strength, flexibility, coordination and muscular endurance with an emphasis on lengthening the body and improving spatial awareness.

Do you ever wish you could have all the benefits of yoga without all the bells and whistles? This is the class that gets you just that! Functional dynamic stretching that strengthens and realigns the body.
It is a must class for runners, cyclists and sports enthusiasts. It gets the body fired up and ready to train, lighting up muscles you don’t usually focus on in general strength training, while incorporating all the flexibility benefits of yoga.

Who doesn't need an awesome stretch and release at the end of a tough week? This class incorporates mobility, stretching, trigger point work & foam rolling. It is 45 minutes of giving back to your mind and body and most people walk out on top of the world ready to enjoy their weekend, plus there nearly always is a group cuppa after!

Do you want to get faster on your bike or build up your confidence off road. This session is full of speed and technical drills to improve your cycling and promote confidence. 

If you're interested in a Mums and Bubs-style class, grab 5 friends and give us a call! We will create a class for your crew where you can come in for 6 weeks and build your fitness from the ground up. Everything goes in this class: tired mums, crying babies, mum's just making it out the door!! We have got you covered in a safe, nurturing environment. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Who is AFA suited for?
AFA training is great for anyone who wants to train in a controlled environment, through personal training, small group training or our fitness classes. Our goal is for you to enjoy your training and look forward to working out, plus achieve great results through our structured workouts. If there’s something we understand well, it’s how to get you started and to keep you training! We cater for different levels of fitness, experience and confidence and we love clients who view training with us as an investment in their health, wellness and longevity.

What makes AFA different to other gyms?
AFA is led by Ali Flynn, Peak Performance and Mindset Coach. She is and backed by a team of knowledgeable and dedicated staff. Our class sizes are capped, guaranteeing personal attention and technique guidance for every person. It’s not a ‘one size fits all’ approach - we take the time to get to know you personally and to understand your fitness goals so that we can help you achieve them. We understand the role that psychology plays in your success and we help you to transform your thinking from training because you have to, to training because you want to. Our incredible staff want to see you fly and take the time to teach you correct technique so that you can confidently walk into any gym. We love nothing more than a client telling us they don’t need us anymore.

Can I claim my membership through my private health fund?
Depending on your Private Health Insurance provider and policy, you may be eligible for a rebate on your fees. It is important to remember that all health funds are different and offer different services - you will need to check with your service provider whether you are entitled to any rebates. In some cases an invoice or receipt of payment may be needed and this can be obtained by contacting the team via admin@altitudefitnessarmidale.com.au. Sometimes, a GP referral may be required to indicate that the fitness program is necessary due to an existing health or medical condition.

I am not very fit, can I still train at AFA or will I fall behind?
Don’t worry! Lots of our clients have had a break from fitness or have never trained before and this is one of the benefits of booking in with us. We pride ourselves on catering for all levels through each exercise and creating a supportive and friendly environment for people to feel accepted and not judged. We also offer beginner classes that can help to guide you through technique and individual exercises in order to help you progress to other classes when you feel ready and confident.

Credit Policy
Credits can only be claimed if you gave prior notice that you will miss your session (i.e., if you fail to turn up to your session without booking yourself out on Acuity, then you are not entitled to a credit for that session).
All credits MUST be used in the term in which the credit was gained, except if the credit is incurred in the last week of training - this may roll over to the next term but must be used within the first 2 weeks.

Transfer of Credits:
Credits are transferable (even to non-AFA members), however this MUST be cleared by AFA Admin via writing, and a prescreen form must be completed prior to the session.
Options to transfer credits:
* Allocated to a Family member or friend
* Transferred into a gift card as a present
* Donated to Alfie's Outreach (our AFA outreach program that offer training to people in need). 

Cancellation Policy?
At AFA we understand that life is always changing, and there will be times when training doesn't fit into your routine. That's why we offer a no-contract membership option for our clients, with a simple 30-day cancellation period.

If you need to cancel your membership, simply send written notice to admin@altitudefitnessarmidale.com.au and we will advise the date of your last payment.

AFA reserves the right to waive the cancellation period if exceptional circumstances apply (such as injury, illness, or change of employment). If you think you fit into one of these categories, please include any relevant information in your notice of cancellation to admin.

Pause Payment Policy?
We have a number of online training options that our clients can utilise, and we encourage all clients to continue to train regardless of location, but we understand that sometimes that's not possible. 

If you wish to pause your membership, we offer a three-week membership pause which clients can use once per calendar year. Please note that these pause periods cannot be carried over to another calendar year (e.g., if you did not pause your membership at all in 2023, you won't be able to choose to pause twice in 2024). 

You must notify admin@altitudefitnessarmidale.com.au of your intention to pause 21 days in advance of the start of the pause period. Exceptional circumstances may be considered (such as injury, illness, or change of employment).
What is the AFA pricing model?
Our pricing structure is designed to be extremely valuable and very simple. We offer all new members a $30 2-week trial where you can come in and try unlimited classes at HQ.

After your 2-week unlimited trial, unless you tell us otherwise via email to admin, we will automatically upgrade you to our Enduro weekly membership. Just $69/week for one small group PT and unlimited classes.   

We will pause your payments once a year if you will be away for more than 3 weeks and have given notice to admin in writing 21 days prior to pausing.

No contracts, cancel anytime. All we ask for is a 21-day written cancellation notice for all memberships admin@altitudefitnessarmidale.com.au.

How long are the sessions?
Fitness classes and Small Group PTs are all 45 minute sessions. 

Do I join a small group PT or create my own small group?
You can do either. If you have a group of friends that you want to train with – perfect! There is nothing better than working hard, socialising and getting fit with a group of friends. Otherwise contact the AFA team who will be able to help place you in a group.

Do I book or just show up?
Yes, all members must reserve their place using the online booking system (Acuity). Classes are strictly limited and only places pre-booked can be guaranteed.

Where is the premise?
171 Rusden St, behind Apollo Blinds and opposite the fruit shop. Walk down the drive way and through the gate. HQ is on the left though the roller door.

Do I need to arrive early to class?
Yes, most clients arrive a couple of minutes early and head into HQ. There maybe a session on before you. The instructor will show you where to pop your things and wait until your session is ready to begin. 

Pregnancy is such an exciting time in your life. We have coaches that are trained in pre and postnatal fitness. They are happy to talk you through any changes that you may need to make for your training. Please notify your instructor as soon as you know you are pregnant and discuss with your doctor so they know that you will be exercising during your pregnancy. 

What If I need to cancel a class?
You can freely cancel any class up to 24 hours before the class start time. Due to our capped classes we encourage all clients to remove their names from a class if you know you cannot attend. No-shows who do not cancel, may lose their priority booking status. 

What can I do if the class I want to attend is fully booked?
If a class is fully booked it will not show up on the booking link in bold (you will not be able to click on it). If this occurs please notify admin on admin@altitudefitnessarmidale.com.au and they will place you on the waitlist. This system works really well so don’t despair if your favourite class is full, contact admin because more often than not you will get in.

What if I have an injury or unusual pain?
We encourage all clients to look after and listen to their bodies. It is important to remind the instructor of any current injuries you have before the class and if you feel any unusual pain during class please stop what you are doing and flag it with the trainer.

If you have a chronic injury, had an acute injury or have had surgery, we recommend consulting a clinician before your first visit and join one of our small group PT sessions to learn modifications for common exercises.
What do I need to bring to class?
 Just yourself a water bottle and a towel.
Is AFA open on Public Holidays?
HQ is closed on Public Holidays.

What happens over the school holidays and Christmas?
School Holidays:  We understand the importance of variety in your schedule to ensure interest and sustainability. During the holiday period we often change up instructors and class schedule to create variety for your training.

Christmas: The studio and HQ are both closed from the Wednesday before the week of Christmas and re-open the second Monday of January. This has been factored into our membership rates, and the down time has been deducted over the average of the 12 months. With this in mind, memberships are not paused, canceled or otherwise amended from December 15 to January 15, unless extenuating circumstances (injury etc.) are present. Altitude Fitness reserves the right to make the final decision during this time. 

Don't just take our word for it....

8 years ago I was apprehensive about attending my first mobility and core class. No way could I touch my toes or even consider myself flexible. I had my arm twisted by one of the trainers at AFA to go and I have not looked back. 

I have slashed over 2 minutes of my running time for 5 km since starting to improve my flexibility. 

It does not matter what level you are, from a complete beginner to someone who attends regularly. There are options and levels for every exercise.

If you are thinking about going but feel intimidated, suck it up and have a go. Take it from me, it's worth doing.

Nick Sewell

My first words to my trainer:
“I don’t know how long I will last”. 

* I had never been to a gym.
* Hadn’t exercised in years.
* I had no energy.
* Sleep a few hours every day.
* I rode an electric bike &
* I definitely wasn’t a swimmer.

In the 5 years I have been at AFA I have done more than I ever dreamed possible. I have competed in Triathlons, Half Ironman competitions, cycled 1500 kms, trained consistently and lost 3 dress sizes!

 AFA provided the community, support and structure to make all of this achievable.

Gemma Johnson

Before I started I was a full time working mum who hadn’t done any exercise for years! I was so nervous about the thought of walking into a gym. I didn’t feel like I belonged there. I suffer from anxiety and I greatly Iacked confidence.

Since joining AFA :
*My anxiety is improving.
* I am more energetic.
* I’ve found muscles I didn’t know existed and strength I didn’t know I had! 
*Hit 0- 20 push ups on toes in 8 weeks.
*Hit 0- 2kms swimming in 10 weeks.
* Just started training for a Half Ironman.

If you are thinking about starting all I can say is to DO IT!!!! The trainers at AFA are the most incredible people. They see something in you that you don’t see and are amazing at drawing that out. Everyone who attends AFA is so encouraging and inspiring. 

Kate Bender

Our AFA Family 

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